Living in the Hut

rifugio città di carpi cadini di misurina tramonto

The refuge has the name “town of Carpi” because it has been built following the idea of the Alpine Club section of Carpi, a small town in the province of Modena.

Construction began in 1969 and was completed in the summer of 1970, with the inauguration in September of the same year.

Since 1992 the refuge has been managed by the Molin family, Rodolfo with his wife Sabrina and their four children: Carolina, Luca, Alziro and Gabriele.

Over the years, numerous collaborators have taken turns, each giving their own contribution to the management of the refuge, making it a warm and welcoming place for those arriving from a long walk on the cadini or from a shorter walk up from Lake Misurina.


We use an off-road vehicle and a small tractor to bring everything we need to the refuge.


Since 1994, the refuge has been equipped with a photovoltaic panel system, which supplies us with about 6 kW, in addition to a diesel-powered generator, for the rest of the energy needs.


The source from which we get the water for the needs of the refuge is about 400 meters away with an altitude difference of 110 meters. It is collected in 2 large tanks and from there it is pumped into the refuge.

A UV sterilizer guarantees the potability of the water.

Since last autumn, the hut has been equipped with a 10,000-litre tank for rainwater recovery.


Waste are sorted and then transported down to Misurina by tractor or off-road vehicle.

For this reason, we recommend that our guests bring their own waste back to the valley in their backpack.